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Fethiye Ölüdeniz, which has become a very popular holiday destination not only in Turkey but also in the world, is flooded by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year with its unique natural wonders.

If you want to see this beautiful town and spend your holiday here, you should first see the magnificent beach of Ölüdeniz. Here we will try to explain the town of Ölüdeniz in detail in this article.



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Ölüdeniz, connected to Fethiye; It continues to offer magnificent views with its clear sea, historical texture, nature where green and blue embrace, Butterfly Valley, colorful parachutes floating in the sky, and golden sands lying in the shadow of Babadağ.

Dalaman Airport, which is the closest airport to this town, which dazzles with its natural beauties, is located 55 km away. Fethiye town centre is 13 km away and can be reached by a 15-minute car journey.


Kelebekler Valley

Butterfly Valley, which is one of the places frequented by nature lovers, and is among the must-see places in Muğla, amazes the guests who come here with its unique view where butterflies dance in the forest. It is home to eighty butterfly species. You will not want to leave the Butterfly Valley without visiting this town and taking pictures of its unique view.



Babadag, located in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, is also described as a mountain range by some authorities due to the fact that its two peaks are separated from each other.

The summit, which has an altitude of 1,400 meters, is called Karatepe. A flooded valley passes between the two peaks. The 2 peaks, which are made of limestone or limestone, are located opposite each other. At the beginning of the rich plant, diversity is maple and cedar, which can be found between 1,400 meters and 1,800 meters.

Since the distance of the summit, which is named Karatepe, to the sea is about 5 kilometres, paragliding from the summit to the sea is mostly performed from here. Babadağ, which is the first choice of tourists with its height and scenery, attracts great attention, especially in the summer months. The way to climb for paragliding varies between 30 and 40 minutes.


Kıdrak Koyu

This bay, which is 4 km away from Belcekiz town, is an excursion area with its clean beach and dense pine trees. In general, people come to the town to have a picnic and to be alone with nature.


Babadag Fethiye Food and Beverage

If you have gone to the mountain for a trip or paragliding, you have the chance to have a meal with a beautiful view. If you want to eat at an altitude of 1,700 meters or drink coffee while looking at Ölüdeniz from above, you can choose the restaurant on the top of the mountain. If you go in the early hours, you can also find breakfast in the restaurant, while watching the people flying with their colourful parachutes, you can also enjoy your meal accompanied by the view. The food you will eat in an unfamiliar atmosphere will not be eaten when combined with plenty of oxygen. It is useful to take your camera with you to immortalize the scenery and the moment. You can also meet your food needs at the restaurants on the road and in the surrounding villages.


Babadag Paragliding

If you want to do paragliding in Babadağ, we can say that there are many companies that provide services in this regard. There are 3 different tracks for paragliding. You can meet with one of the companies that provide service with their expert staff and you can enter Ölüdeniz by descending from 1,700 meters above. You can immortalize this exciting moment thanks to the companies that also offer photography and video services during your flight. You can own the photos and videos you have taken for approximately 150 TL. As for the flight prices, the fare is approximately 500 TL for one-time flights that take 45 minutes on average. If you wish, you can also take paragliding lessons with our expert instructor staff.


Belcekiz Beach

Belcekiz Beach is one of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy the sea in Ölüdeniz. For this reason, if you want to swim in the sea with your child, it is useful to be careful about this. Belcekiz Beach, which has a long sandy beach, is also the landing point for paragliders. When you raise your head while swimming, you can see people floating above you. Sa business is available. If you wish, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas, or you can lay your towel on the sand and enjoy the sea all day. Belcekiz Beach, which is secluded especially in the morning, gets quite crowded towards the evening. It is more enjoyable to swim in the sea during the daytime as the waves are fewer. If you are hungry, you can choose any of the establishments and sit down, and sip your green tea after you eat your meal. You can reach Belcekiz by minibus, and if you come with your car, you can leave it in the car parks nearby.



Babadağ, which is the highest hill of Ölüdeniz and one of the must-see spots, will be the first choice of those who want to paraglide. You can come to Babadag and spend wonderful moments in the sky accompanied by a unique view. Also, adventure lovers can visit the region by participating in ATV tours.


Lycian Way

Think of a mountain road starting from Ölüdeniz. This road, after thousands of years of civilizations, reaches as far as Antalya. There is a deep blue sea on the right side of the road and lush forests on the left. We are proud to have this Lycian Way among the most beautiful trekking routes in the world. It is definitely one of the places to visit.


Oludeniz Nature Park


The Nature Park, which has a history of 40 years in Ölüdeniz, has been open to the public for the past years. You can come here and swim in the sea and enjoy the calmness in the scent of trees. Definitely one of the places to read a book in the calm and quiet tree scents.

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