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Discover the Charm of Kas with Fethiye Villa Rental


One of the most popular holiday resort towns is located in the Mediterranean region of Antalya. Kas/ Kalkan were old fishing villages that have transformed into picturesque towns with restored ottoman villas, bright pink bougainvillaeas canvassing rustic white-walled shops and plenty of sightseeing activities. 

Kas was originally called Habesos or Habesa in the ancient tongue of Lycia and later was given the name Antiphellos. Kas was founded on the ancient town of Antiphellos and the Lycian style sarcophagus at the beginning of the avenue running down to the port is almost the symbol of this lovely town in the Mediterranean region south of Turkey.

Antiphellos, which once was a member of the Lycian League, is known to have gained reputation and importance as a port town during the Hellenistic period, sustaining its significance as one of the leading towns during the Roman period as well.

Today’s Kas is a coastal town of the Lycians. "Phellos" is the Greek word for "stony place" and this name is very well suited to Kas. Its well preserved rock tombs and theatre are well worth seeing.

Kas today is a small and charming coastal resort where many sailing boats anchor in its small marina.

Located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, Kas is a charming town that offers visitors a peaceful and relaxing holiday experience. With its stunning coastline, charming streets, and rich history, Kas is the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. And what better way to experience this idyllic destination than with a Fethiye Villa Rental?

Here are some of the top attractions and activities to experience during your stay in Kas with your Villa Rental in Turkey:

  • Beaches: Kas is surrounded by stunning beaches, which are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. With a Fethiye Villa Rental, you’ll be just steps away from the sand and sea.

  • History & Culture: Kas is rich in history and culture, with a range of ancient ruins, museums, and cultural landmarks to explore. From the ancient city of Antiphellos to the stunning Amphitheater, Kas is the perfect destination for history and culture buffs.

  • Scuba Diving: Kas is a popular destination for scuba divers, offering crystal-clear waters and a range of dive sites to explore. With a Villa Rental in Turkey, you’ll have easy access to the best scuba diving in the area.

  • Relaxation: Kas is also a perfect place to relax and unwind, with a range of spas and wellness centers offering massages and treatments. With a Fethiye Villa Rental, you’ll have access to your own private villa, where you can kick back and relax in your own space.

With its stunning coastline, rich history, and peaceful atmosphere, Kas is the perfect destination for your next holiday. And with a Fethiye Villa Rental, you’ll be perfectly placed to experience all that this charming destination has to offer. Book your villa now and discover the charm of Kas!

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