10 places you must see in Fethiye (Places to visit in Fethiye)

10 places you must see in Fethiye | Sunworld Villas Blog

Fethiye, which is one of the world’s favourite holiday regions, has activities to do and uniquely beautiful places to see for holidaymakers.


Fethiye, the apple of the eye of Muğla, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is among the most preferred places by holidaymakers. Known for its magnificent coves, clear sea, long beaches and ancient history, Ölüdeniz is a popular destination for blue lovers. You can have fun by participating in many activities in Fethiye during the time you set aside for your holiday. The region has become one of the best choices for villa holidays in recent years, as an alternative to places offering various accommodations, from the concept of an all-inclusive hotel to the concept of a boutique hotel. In addition, there are dozens of activities for people with all kinds of interests and tastes in this tourism resort. Now, let’s take a look at the answer to the question of what are the activities to do in Fethiye.


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Fethiye, which is a holiday paradise with its beautiful natural beaches, clear blue sea and ancient ruins, is one of the most beautiful coastal resorts in the Mediterranean. A must for a Fethiye holiday is to go on a boat tour and explore the Fethiye bays.



Of course, we open the list with Fethiye’s world-famous beach, Ölüdeniz! In Ölüdeniz, which fully corresponds to the definition of a natural wonder where green and blue meet, the seawater is smooth and smooth. You can swim in the turquoise waters as well as do many water sports here. If you have a passion for adrenaline, we can recommend you to go to Babadag and do paragliding.

With its proximity to Ölüdeniz and being the entertainment centre of Fethiye, Hisarönü is one of the indispensable haunts of holidaymakers. Located between Fethiye and Ölüdeniz, Hisarönü and its neighbour Ovacık have become a highly developed region in terms of settlement and accommodation in recent years.

Oludeniz, which has been the centre of attention since ancient times, is shown as the most important symbol of Fethiye. The lagoon, which is protected under the status of a national park, attracts great attention due to its aquarium-clear sea and calm atmosphere. While young people have fun with their peers in toys set up near the shore, adults can swim and enjoy the sun.


Kelebekler Vadisi

Butterfly Valley, one of the most popular bays in our country, is surrounded by mountains reaching 350 meters in height. You can reach the Butterfly Valley, which you cannot reach by land, by sea. There are dozens of butterflies in the valley and some species are endemic, so it has been declared a protected area. Another natural wonder that will offer you a visual feast in the Butterfly Valley is the 50-meter-high waterfall pouring into the Mediterranean from the middle of the valley. If you say a camping holiday is for me, we recommend you to camp here and sleep under the stars with the smell of the sea. A point we should remind you before you come is that the beach is pebbled and you should come with slippers so that you can walk comfortably.

After having a perfect Oludeniz experience, you can take the boats departing from Belcekiz Beach and start a journey full of joy towards Butterfly Valley. The extremely limited land access to the valley, located at the foot of Babadağ, plays a key role in preserving its naturalness. You can find the opportunity to observe 80 different butterfly species and dozens of epidemic plants in this valley, which is the dream of those who want to swim and camp.


Kabak Bay

Although Kabak Bay, located in Faralya Village, has a small beach of 200 meters, the beach has been declared a first-degree natural site. For this reason, the construction of buildings is strictly prohibited, and the number of visitors is not very high due to the difficulty of accessing the bay by land. When these reasons came together, they were the factors that allowed the sheep to preserve its natural beauty for a long time. When you come to this wonderful cove, you can swim a lot, do water sports, visit the ancient city ruins and take a pleasant walk in the forest by following the Lycian Way trails. If you want to stay, you can set up your tent here or stay in bungalows.



Origins BC Dating back to the 3000s, Kayaköy contains interesting clues about the past of the district. In the old Greek village, you can come across beautiful landscapes that are worth taking photos of while walking among the stone houses and religious buildings that are on the verge of collapse. After visiting the historical settlement, which is slowly turning into a cultural centre today, you can also evaluate the eating & drinking opportunities around it.



One of the important places that Fethiye offers to its guests is Saklıkent Canyon. The canyon, bestowed by nature on humanity, is an ideal route for a day trip. Saklıkent National Park, which is an hour away from Fethiye by car, is one of the unique beauties that everyone should visit.

Saklıkent, 46 kilometres from the town centre, offers its guests the opportunity to cool off even on the hottest days of the summer. July and August, when the water level decreases, are preferred as the ideal time to visit the valley, which is decorated with nearly 20 caves, which was once used as a settlement. In this way, nature lovers who come to the region can take a pleasant stroll to the other side of the valley. In the spring, the rising water level makes rafting possible.



Fethiye Central Fish Market, which offers the opportunity to eat the fish you want in the restaurant you want, consists of a round fish counter in the middle and restaurants around it. The place, which allows you to integrate fresh fish with any beverage you want, is a frequent destination for holidaymakers with its appetizers...



Paspatur, which presents its ancient civilization to its guests in a way that has been restored in accordance with its original form, takes its guests on a mystical journey with a bazaar with souvenir shops, cafes, carpet makers, rug makers, boutiques and jewellers. The old city, named after the Paspatur water flowing through the middle for centuries, according to the legend; He would bring everyone who drank its water back to Fethiye.

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